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what I do

Maybe you're a small business, and you need help bringing your wild vision to life. Maybe you're a creative business, and you need a smart partner. Or maybe you're not small or creative at all, but you want to work with someone who is.

I'm here to listen. To poke around. To get down to the core of what you’re all about. To create uncomplicated designs that tell your story as only you could tell it. To make you look good. To make a little magic in the world.

That's what I do. With you. Let's start a fire.

About Me

When I was 16, I worked with a girl who was in college studying graphic design. I asked her what that was, and she said, “You know when you see words and pictures together, like in a magazine or on a billboard or something? That’s graphic design.” Something in the universe clicked. I got interested. I got on a path. I haven’t looked back.

After graduating from VCU (and a few unremarkable years in Richmond), I hopped into an old Volkswagen and headed out to see the world and San Francisco. I eventually made my way to Austin in 2008 and started out on this crazy solo career. There have been ups. There have been downs. I've worked with clients big and small. Design still excites me.

What else? I'm a native Virginian and a Southerner through and through. I once led Design Ranch. Blackberry cobbler is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I knit. I weave. I read. I speak terrible French. I am a crazy cat lady. And I really, really like making jam.

Send me a note. I'd love to hear your story.

About MCCRAY & CO.

I'm also a partner and principal at McCray & Co, where my husband, Chris, and I work together on interior design projects. (I designed that site, too.) Visit McCray & Co »


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