Sexy Packaging

Jimmyjane is a brand that creates products and experiences to “provide pleasure, strengthen connection, and create provocative possibility”—including vibrators, candles, and tools for massage. (Yes, that kind of massage.) What makes Jimmyjane unique is its foundation in design and its commitment to products that are not only exciting, but also beautiful, intuitive, and body-safe.

While employed at Jimmyjane, I had the opportunity to work on a great many different types of projects. The design of materials around this line of products, however, was probably my main focus. The goal of the packaging for this line was to be simple, clean, colorful, and accessible. We wanted to ensure that it would be easy to tell from afar what was within each box and be able to quickly differentiate between the scents and colors. The size of each package was carefully considered, so that they could be efficiently merchandised. And so they were.

*Featured in the Print 2008 Regional Design Annual.*

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Brand development, marketing materials, collateral design, packaging design, art direction - photography. All while employed at Jimmyjane.

Top photo by Romy Suskin.